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That Tsuki Girl's Sale Journal

Your stop for anime-related goods~!

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Q & A Post
Confused about something or want to know about a product before commiting to buying it? Post a question here. There is no such thing as a stupid question! Don't hesitate and ask and I will try to get to you as soon as possible!

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Title: Ojiichan wo Sando!
Pairing(s): Outcast Threesome (America/Japan/England, Japan as the bottom)
Rating: NC17
Pages: 32
Condition: Very Fine (have a few small grooves due to packaging on the back cover, rest is pristine)
Summary: Japan thought he would spent a peaceful day with his lover, England and his best friend, America. However, little did Japan know, America and England have other plans. Includes NTR (netorare) play.
Price: $13 USD

Hi! Could I get a picture of what you mean in the condition description? If the damage isn't too bad, I think I would like to purchase it. Thank you! :)

I'm going to pass. Sorry about that.
Thanks for getting back to me!

Email: adriana.santome@gmail.com
What I'm interested in: Doubt! 3 & 4,$2 each
Country: Mexico

Hello, I'm interested in the aforementioned manga but I'd like to know if I can apply for First Class International instead of the normal, more pricey Int Flat Rate? And what would be the shipping fee, then? Thank you.

Sup, how are you doing?

Sorry to say that there was someone claimed it before you and had brought the set. I'm so sorry...

As for international shipping, my default shipping method is First Class International unless in the case that Priority is cheaper.

Hello! I was wondering, if M2 (Code Geass Anthology For Girls #2) is still available, could you possibly take more sample photos? Since it's listed as having various artists, I was wondering how the other artwork is. Sorry, I feel like this is a lot to ask ^^; But thank you in advance!

It's OK! I'm still interested, though I'd like to get an estimate on the shipping amount before I commit to buying it if that's alright.

I need your ZIP code calculate the postage!

It's 14623. Sorry about that! ^^;

The total will be 12.50 if you pay as a gift!

Hello =)
umm.. I already know that you only accept paypal but tbh my visa is not accepted by them so I was wondering if you're welling to accept payment via western union? =S

Through a money order?

I don't mind actually, it's just that I have to wait until it arrives to me before I can send it out, is that okay?

Umm.. I dunno if WU is called a money order but as long as you're ok with it =)
and yea I'm ok with that but it only takes minutes for the money to get to the other office =)

Oh, okay. I see what you meant. I do have some WUs pretty close to my house so it's okay.

I'm sorry, I don't exactly have a perfect English >_<
so ok I'm gonna tka another look to decide the thing I want =)
thanks ^_^

I am interested in R57, Hedgehog's Dilemma (Pairing: 8018). However, I live in Singapore and have no zip code but postal code. It is 142058. May I know how much is the total cost if I were really to purchase that doujinshi?


I am sorry to say that that item just has been sold.

Hello :)
For MS25, are you willing to split the Chobits set? I need vol. 4,6,8. If so what would the total be with shipping to 45701?

Sup, how are you doing? Sorry for the delay.

As for set, I am not looking to splitting the set unless you buy 7 too because it'll be harder to sell off. Very sorry about that.

Understandable. :) Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.

Hello, I wanted to know what method of payment you accept o7o

Sup. Sorry for the delay!

I accept paypal, e-check that can be sent to paypal and money orders.


Could you please tell me the shipping cost of T34 (Tiger&Bunny doujinshi) my country is Peru in South America. How long do you take to ship it from payment? Are you going to use a cardbox or an envelope from USPS or what other materials?


how many doujinshis could be fit inside an envelope? of course without surpassing the 4 pounds limit.

Sup, how are you?

Sorry for the delay. But if I sent T35, shipping will be $9.00 First Class Shipping, which can take up to 10 to 14 business days (although I had customers who got it earlier than that, international shipping from the US don't usually have a set date when things come and go) It comes in a bubbled envelope, the doujinshi is usually plastic cover that is covered with bubblewrap which stiffens the package since cardboard isn't really easy to find and it would raise the price of shipping. If you want more than one doujinshi, it depends on it. It might be best to go with Priority Mail, which the envelope can fit up to 6 regular 32-page doujinshi.

Twelve Kingdoms Vol. 1

Email: lalashi485@gmail.com
What I'm interested in: B09 Twelve Kingdoms Volume 1 Hardcover
Country: USA

I am interested in purchasing the Twelve Kingdoms Volume 1 Hardcover edition. Could you show me some closeup pictures of the novel? If you could rate the condition it is in what would you say?

Edited at 2012-06-15 07:18 am (UTC)

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