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That Tsuki Girl's Sale Journal

Your stop for anime-related goods~!

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Also note that the pics that the actual items!

MAGAZINES (Click pics for closer, clearer view):

IMPORTANT NOTE: These magazines are so big or heavy that it's impossible to get more than two of the same magazine for the flat envelope price, so if you buy two or more, you will be eligible for Media Mail option if you live in the United States. However, if you want it shipped to an international address and you want more than two KERA magazines, you have to get regular international Priority Mail and those rates are really, really insane.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: There is a special number system for the magazines. They are listen in a TMY code (Title, Month, Year). For example:

K0707 = Kera Magazine July 2007 issue
I0606 = Imagine FX June 2006 issue*
*Note: Imagine FX has 13 years per year (12 months plus a Christmas issue). The Christmas Issues are labeled 13 (eg. I1305 = ImagineFX Christmas Issue 2005)

The one of the most popular Goth/Loli, Punk, and Boho magazines in Japan! All of them still have their extra booklet attached to the magazine and most are in Very Fine condition! KERA is in Japanese only! (Temporarily Closed. Look forward to more issues in a upcoming update!)

The ultra hot and popular CG magazine hailing from the UK! Each issue covers techniques for programs like Photoshop, Painter, and Poser! Plus it has nice illustration spreads. However, take note that this isn't a magazine for beginners, it assumes that you know the basics already. This magazine is so popular that it each issue completely sells out within 4 months! So all the magazines I'm selling are out of print! ImagineFX is in English only!

(Below is I1209, which is the 50th issue for ImagineFX)

Due to it's delicate cover, I'm selling the issues for $7 USD except for the April 2006 which is $5 USD due to considerable wear and missing poster (although they stopped their free poster promotion after summer 2006 except for special issues).

However, if you decide to get it without the DVD extra, you will save an extra two bucks, which means you can get buy a issue just for $5 USD without the DVD (April 2006 is $3 without the DVD extra!)

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy all 12 issues, get it at a low price of $65 USD!

The premier anime/manga magazine in Japan. Newtype covers current and upcoming anime/manga for the masses! And for a very brief while, there was a US equivalent which unfortunately discontinued in 2008. Here are two rare issues, the first Newtype USA and the 20th anniversary issue of the original Newtype! Note: Not all additional feebies are included.

M01. Newtype USA November 2002 (English)
Price: $4 USD

M02. Newtype April 2005 (Japanese)
Price: $4 USD

M03. Potato October 2007
Price: $7 USD

M04. JJ December 2010
Price: $7 USD

I look forward to meet you~!

If you want to PM your e-mail, don't hesitate and write PM in the E-mail Section of your order form and sent the e-mail information to me through PM!


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Hi I would like J1 and J2 if they are still available.
Email- UzumakiKurosaki89@yahoo.com
Zip code-22407

Sup, how are you doing?

Yup, both are available to buy. I just sent you an invoice!

I can't really see in the pictures, but do you have any KERA that has Neeko on the cover?

Hi there, rather than put up 2 seperate posts I'll combien them

I'm wondering if you could let me know if you have the remaining items available, and how much they would be to ship to the UK, plus the total cosyt.
Hot Gimmick 1-12 + Light Novel (Complete)
Basilisk: Kouga Ninja Scrolls 1-5 (Complete)
Real Bout High School 1-6 (Complete)
Les Bijoux 1-5 (Complete)
ImagineFX (All issues + DVDs)

Sup, how are you doing.

Okay, there is a bit of a problem. Shipping is going to be absurdly expensive since you live in the UK and America hates international shipping for some odd reason.

Plus all the things you requested (which all are available) can't fit in the biggest box (which is $60 USD for shipping + bubblewrap).

If you want the Basilisk, Real Bout, Bijoux and ImagineFX, I can fit that all in for you. But the Hot Gimmick can't fit inside unless I get a bigger box and shipping alone outside of Priority will be extremely expensive like upwards to $100.

So what do you want to do?

(Deleted comment)
Sup, how are you doing?

They are May 2007, July 2007 and September 2007 respectively (P0507 means it's Popteen May 2007 issue).

Hello!! Do you know if Neeko is on any of the covers of the issues of Kera you have?

Sorry for the delay.

But no. None of the magazines have Neeko on the cover. Sorry again.

Hello! I'm interested in K0907 and all of the Popteen, how much would it cost total with shipping? (Area code mailed to you.)

The magazines will be $14, plus $6 in shipping (the magazines are really geavy.

So the grand total will be $20 if you send it as a gift through Paypal. Is that okay?

If it is, please send me an e-mail so I can send you an invoice and my PP email?

I might come back for all those imagine FX magazines soon lololol.

If you do, I'll offer it to you for $60, shipping included.

How much would it be for all of the Kera's available shipped to Ireland?

Sorry for the minor delay.

I must warn you that shipping from US is completely bonkers. Shipping alone is $93, so the whole shebag is $183, that's before the PP email.

Do you still want to buy them?

Are the ImagineFX mags still available? =X I'm interested in most of them, but I wanted to make sure I'm not wasting my time before I start listing them LOL.

Sup, how are you doing?

All that you see are available to buy with their accompanying DVDs.

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