March 5th, 2016

Welcome to Etherealtsuki's Sale Journal!

While things are still setting up here, this will be the place where I, etherealtsuki, will conduct sales from Part 3 on.
I sell doujinshi, manga, books and magazines. Once in a while, I will sell something different, which will be labeled as "special items"! I never sell any fraudulent items. Sit back and relax and browse through~! I'll do my best to help you.

Next Available Day that I Will Make a Trip to the Post Office: Saturday, February 10, 2013

Updates (as of 02/02/13):
✩ Updating the Tiger and Bunny Section with new stuff
✩ Updating the Hetalia Section with new stuff
✩ Updating the Misc. Section with new stuff
✩ Updated the Magazine Section with new stuff
✩ Updated the Manga Section with a new Manga Set

Note: I am finally back from my hiatus. It's been a long, long time! My health had been sketchy so I took a breather. During that breather, I also got a stable full time job with benefits. So the usual Tuesday/Friday dates are no more and have moved to Saturday/random day between Monday to Thursday depending on my schedule. But Saturday is a lock until whenever USPS decided to get rid of Saturdays like they have been threatening for years.


Shipping via USPS has increased since late last month. Domestic US prices will show a little bump up in prices, but now international shipping is extremely high if you want to get anything with Priority Mail with increases up to 50% PERCENT. Priority Mail Flat Envelopes are now $20 to Canada and $25 everywhere else. So, keep in mind with the First Class weight restrictions and hopefully in the future, US Congress can do something with the unfair international shipping increase.

So I will be restricting all International sales to First Class International unless the customer wants the Priority Mail or if it's the cheaper option.

Sorry for the inconvenience.