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That Tsuki Girl's Sale Journal

Your stop for anime-related goods~!

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Also note that the pics that the actual items!

Although this is called the manga section, there are manwha here too!

English Manga/Manwha (click on picture for a bigger, clearer view!):

Title: Q-ko-chan 1
Mangaka: Hajime Ueda
Genre: Shounen, Supernatural
Summary: In the near-future on planet Earth, a world gone mad where never-ending war is a fact of life, Kirio is the coolest kid at school. Up in the sky, a giant robot is fighting a fleet of gunships, but the brilliant and distant Kirio is far from fazed—until the battling 'bot makes an unexpected landing in Kirio's front yard and rings the bell. But the worst threat for Kirio could be what stands on the other side of the door: an alien invader robot with the face of an adorable girl! From the creator of the hit anime/manga Fooly Cooly! (from Del Rey)

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist 1
Mangaka: Hiromu Arakawa
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy
Summary: In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. Equipped with mechanical "auto-mail" limbs, Edward becomes a state alchemist, seeking the one thing that can restore his and his brother's bodies...the legendary Philosopher's Stone. (from Viz)

Title: Sorcerer Hunters 1
Mangaka: Satoru Akinori, Author: Ray Omishi
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy
Summary:On the Spoolner Continent, powerless commoners spend each day terrorized by mercilessly evil sorcerers. However Big Mama has had enough and she sends out an elite group of warriors: the Sorcerer Hunters. The first installment in the epic comedy/fantasy series introduces the Hunters (Carrot, Chocolat, Tira, Gateau, and Marron) and their battle against the malevolent Sacher Torte. (from Tokyopop)

Title: Yugi-Oh! 1
Mangaka: Kazuki Takahashi
Genre: Shounen, Action, Supernatural
Summary: 10th grader Yugi spent most of his time alone playing games...until he solved the Millennium Puzzle, a mysterious Egyptian artifact! Possessed by the puzzle, Yugi becomes Yu-Gi-Oh, the King of Games, and challenges evildoers to the Shadow Games...weird games with high stakes and high risks! These graphic novels contain new stories not seen in the anime, including the origin of Yugi and his friends! (from Viz)
Price: $2 USD

Title: Rose Hip Zero 1
Mangaka: Tohru Fujisawa
Genre: Shounen, Horror, Comedy
Summary: Appearances can be deceiving. There is trouble in Tokyo as a mysterious terrorist organization called ALICE plots against the government. Just as the police are tasked to bring these men to justice, they are given a "secret weapon", who happens to be a young girl, with a mysterious past, named Kasumi Asakura. She may look innocent, but walks softly and carries a big gun. (from Tokyopop)

Title: Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 1
Mangaka: Yoshiyuki Nishi
Genre: Shounen, Horror, Supernatural, Comedy
Summary: Are you a victim of unwanted spirit possession? Is there a ghost you need sent up and away...or down to burn for all eternity? If the answer is yes, then you need Muhyo and Roji, experts in magic law. Serving justice to evil spirits is their specialty. (from Viz)
Price: $2 USD

Title: Antique Bakery 1 (Picture Right Here)
Mangaka: Fumi Yoshinaga
Genre: Josei, Slice of Life, Comedy
Summary: When an old antique shop re-opens as the hottest new bakery in an unsuspecting neighborhood, there’s no doubt that a few surprises are cooking. Love, rejection, old high school flames and the most delicious boy-to-boy affections all blend together to make a treat unlike any other. The Antique Bakery is now open... care for a dessert? (from DMP)
Price: $4 USD

Title: Alichino 1 
Mangaka: Kouyu Shurei
Genre: Fantasy, Supernatural
Summary:  Tsurugi is a Kusabi, someone who has an exceptionally powerful soul and the ability to defeat the beautiful Alichinos, Faustian beasts who grant wishes in exchange to feast the one who wishes' soul. However, as Tsuguri goes deeper into the Alichino's world, he will learn that not everything is what they seem. Manga is still of luscious, gorgeous art.

Title: Absolute Boyfriend 1
Mangaka: Yuu Watase
Genre: Light Sci-Fi, Romance
Summary: Riiko Izawa is a girl down on her luck. She's desperate for a boyfriend and the guys are either not interested or not good enough. So after one day after school, a mysterious man offers Riiko a chance to buy a Lover Figure which she takes on one night. Although when it actually arrives, the robot, now named Night, turns Riiko's life upside-down... especially she forgot to return him before his trial period expires and now has to be a test customer to pay him off.

Title: Welcome to the NHK 1
Genre: Slice of Life
Summary: Satou is a recluse who is determined to prove that the Japanese channel NHK is trying to control all of Japan but when he meets Misaki, who promises to reintroduce him to society as part of her project, appears, they embark on a zany journey.
WARNING: This volume is NC17 for sexual scenes.

Title: Switch 2
Mangaka: naked ape
Genre: Police Drama, Action
Summary: Kai is a naive rookie investigator assigned to the Narcotics Control Division, with a shady past. Hal is a hard-nose vet of a few years with a  chip on his shoulder. Can the two mesh as they go deeper into the drug trade with the emergence of a new, terrifying drug with horrible consequences?

Title: To Terra 1
Mangaka: Keiko Takemiya
Genre: Sci-Fi, Space Opera
Summary: A classic manga series by the legendary Keiko Takemiya! The future. Having driven Terra to the brink of enviromental collaspe, humanity decides to reform itsef by ushering in the age of Superior Domination (SD), a system of social control in which children are no longer offspring of parents but the progeny  of an universal computer The new social order, howver, results in an unexpected byproduct: the Mu, a mutant race with extrasensory powers who are forced into exile by The System. (excerpt from the actual book)
Price: $5 US

Title: Day of Revoution 1
Mangaka: Mikiyo Tsuda
Genre: Gender Bender, Slice of Life
Summary: Kei Yoshikawa is dissatisfied with his directionless life, but when he has a health scare, it reveals that Kei, even with a body of a guy, is actually genetically a girl! With nothing to lose, Kei accepts an offer to have sex transition surgery and start a new lease on life as a girl named Megumi. However, Megumi never realized how her change affects her relationships with her male friends...

English BL/GL Manga/Manwha (click on picture for a bigger, clearer view!):

Title: Don't Blame Me! 1
Mangaka: Yugi Yamada
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Summary: When Makoto finds out that his much admired older cousin Toshi decides to give into the holdrums of adulthood, he gets down into the matter of what inspire the change and how his cousin Toshi became to be beforehand. A pretty heartwarming series about a group of college friends in a club and try through the thorny path to adulthood!
Price: $4 USD

Title: Ichigenme... 1
Mangaka: Fumi Yoshinaga
Genre: Romance, Slice of Life
Summary: Tamiya meets Toudou at Teinou University when he is unexpectedly French Kissed by him at his seminar's welcome party! While Tamiya is somewhat put off by the unexpected kiss, considering the other students were forced to strip, he is grateful to Toudou and they soon begin a curious friendship. But things become a little rocky when Toudou admits he is gay and asks  Tamiya to become his lover... (excerpt from the actual book)

Japanese Manga (click on picture for a bigger, clearer view!):

Title: Mizu no Senritsu: Genmatsu no Uta (The Melody of Water: Song of Genmatsu) 1
Mangaka: Yoshnori Kisaragi, Author: KID
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy
Summary: Based in the same universe of on a popular otome game, Mizu no Senritsu. This one follows on a sub-character named Suguru Shitara and his story. You don't need the game to follow the story since it's a story outside of that.
Price: $3 USD

Title: Rust Blaster
Mangaka: Yana Toboso
Genre: Shounen, Horror, Comedy
Summary: In the Vampire Mercenary Specialized School, "1000 Years Academy," the most unvampire-like vampire at the academy, Aru, and the human transfer student, Kei, meet by chance. But what they didn't know was that it was a fate the world depended on. (from Baka Updates)
Price: $3 USD

Title: Hikaru no Go 1
Mangaka: Takeshi Obata, Author: Yumi Hotta
Genre: Shounen, Supernatural, Sports
Summary: Hikaru Shindo was your typical elementary school kid until he uncovered a Go board in his grandfather's house and gets possessed by a ghost from the Japanese Heian era named Sai. Sai was a Go master when he was alive and still has an obsessive love of the game. When he begged Hikaru to let them play a game Go, both unknowingly get drawn in the (modern) world of competitive Go!
Price: $2 USD

Title: Haunted Junction
Mangaka: Nemu Mukudori
Genre: Shounen, Comedy, Horror
Summary: All Haurto, a son of a priest, wanted in life to live the straight and narrow path. Well, it's nigh impossible when you're (unwillingly) the President of the Holy Student Council, a group of people with supernatural powers (Mutsuki, shotacon daughter of a Shinto priest; Kazumi, extremely perverted son of a Buddhist monk) whose job is to monitor the supernatural around the school. Will life ever be normal for the poor Haruto?

JM04 Volume 2
JM05 Volume 3
JM06 Volume 4
Price: $1 USD each, $2 for the set!

Title: Momotama
Mangaka: Nanae Chrono
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, Supernatural, Comedy
Summary: A complete reworking of the Momotaro legend, Kokonose Mutsu is a short, completely spoiled brat to enrolls in a school who trains students to fight monsters just to feed off his thirst for violence. Somehow, this series comes off cute as well.

JM07 Volume 1
JM08 Volume 2
Price: $3 USD each, $5 for the set!

Title: Metamo Kiss 3
Mangaka: Sora Omote
Genre: Shoujo, Supernatural
Summary: Kohamaru comes from a peculiar family - each member can switch bodies with his or her soul mate! His parents can switch bodies, and his aunt, oddly enough, can switch with her cat! Now it's Kohamaru's turn...
When Kohamaru literally runs into Nanao, the girl of his dreams, they switch bodies. True love, right? Well, unfortunately, she's in love with someone else. And if that weren't bad enough, the "someone else" turns out to be Kohamaru's twin brother Konatsu... who can reverse their transformation with his own kiss! (From Baka Updates)
Price: $2 USD

Title: Rumble Roses 1
Mangaka: Akira Kasukabe
Genre: Shounen, Sports
Summary: Based on the hugely popular X-Box wrestling fighting game, Rumble Roses. Reiko is trying to live the normal life after suffering some traumatic event. But when an upperclasswoman convince Reiko to get back into the ring, Reiko rediscover her love for wrestling and aims to be the best like her mother, who is a legend in women's pro wrestling, was.
Price: $3 USD

Title: Cutlass 1
Mangaka: You Higuri
Genre: BL, Fantasy
Summary: Blessed with looks and brains, Tsubasa is cool with everyone except the devil-may-care Tokimaru, whom he refuses to open his heart to, in fear of Tokimaru's safety. As fate would have it, they are both dragged into another dimension when an unknown entity attacks them and tries to snatch the "secret" from Tsubasa. For 2 months, these two venture in the wonderland where pirates and wizards roam! What in the world is the "secret"? And who is the blond pirate, Silver, who seems to be helping them? (From Fantasy Shrine). It's a total retelling of her original series Cutlass: A Time for Boys!
Price: $3 USD

Title: Nakagamike no Ichizoku: Akuma ga Kitaru
Mangaka: Homerun Ken
Genre: BL, Comedy
Summary: A sequel to Nakagamike no Ichizoku  (the Clan of the Nakagamis)! Ijima and Nakagami-sensei are ready to take their relationship to a more intimate level. Unforunately when another Nakagami enters the picture with his sights on Nakagami-sensei, it will take Ijima and the rest of the Nakagami clan to stop him! Of course, in this kind of series, it ends up being in a cracky way.
Price: $3 USD

Title: Cosplay Animal 1
Mangaka: Watari Sakou
Genre: Shoujo, Smut
Summary: 19 year old college student Rika is a HUGE uniform otaku and her most fondest secret wish is to have high school uniform roleplay sex but never found the guy who would grant her wish. On a whim, she lurks on a cellphone phone date site and finds a highschooler named "Gen" and he's her ideal guy. Pretending to be a high school girl, she meets him and finds out that he doesn't exactly look like she imagined. And so, their odd yet passionate relationship begins! Includes various one-shots.
Warning: This book is NC17 for sexual acts!
Price: $2 USD

Title: Yami no Matusei
Mangaka: Youko Matsushita
Genre: BL, Shoujo, Supernatural Horror
Summary: In the Underworld, the Shinigami in the Ministry of Hades are like salarymen, working the grind with a low paycheck. Asato Tsuzuki is the probably the happy-go-lucky shinigami there is, delighting with the pleasures of food. However, being shinigami isn't easy. With his new partner, Hisoka, the two go headlong in cases to bring a soul back to the Underworld.
Warning: This book is R for implied and actual sexual acts that occur rarely!

JM15 Volume 1
JM16 Volume 3
JM17 Volume 4
JM18 Voulme 5
JM19 Volume 6
Price: $3 USD each, $12 for the entire set!

Title: Hen: Suzuki and Satou
Mangaka: Hiroya Oku
Genre: BL, Seinen, Hentai, Comedy, Gender Bender
Summary: Everyone knows about yuriesqsue Hen, but not a lot of people know about the BLeqsue prequel! When Suzuki tumbles upon the usually cute Satou one day, he falls for him hard. Unable to cope that he's possibly in love with a man, Suzuki is completely convinced Satou is actually a 'gender-confused' girl in disguise! Also, this particular set are the Kazenban version releases, meaning they're thick than the average tankouban!
Warning: This series is NC17 for sexual acts!

JM20 Volume 1
JM21 Volume 2
JM22 Volume 3
JM23 Voulme 4

JM24 Volume 9
Price: $5 USD each or $20 for the entire set!

Japanese BL Manga (click for a bigger, clearer view):

Title: Hana-chan to Kuma-chan
Mangaka: Arisa Tougan
Genre: BL
Summary: BFF "Hana" and "Kuma" have been friends for a long time. When new feelings develop, are they worth pursuing at the expense of their friendship?
Price: $1 USD

Title: Senzoku ni Aishite
Mangaka: Haruka Minami
Genre: BL
Summary: When salaryman Aoki was waiting for a sex friend for a nice night of stress relieving sex, a young male escort named Shougo mistakenly tumbles into Aoki's room and leading to an unexpected night of mind-blowing love making and new feelings. Can Aoki ever confess his growing love? Also there are other passionate stories from one of the queens of BL smut, Haruka Minami!
Warning: This book is NC17 for sexual acts!
Price: $3 USD

Title: Blood+: Yakou Joushi
Mangaka: Hirotaka Kisaragi
Genre: BL, Supernatural
Summary: In Hong Kong, Nishi is an young policeman investigating a case of strange murders, where the victims appear to have died of a fatal blood loss. But the investigation is taken over by a mysterious organization, whose member warns Nishi that he had better not keep on trying to uncover the truth. A while after, as Nishi wanders in the city, he is suddently attacked by a monster, but a beautiful stranger saves him.  (From Baka-Updates)
Price: $3 USD

Title: Saa, Koi ni Ochitamae 2
Mangaka: Nase Yamato
Genre: BL
Summary: Noboru's main goal in attending the prestigious Seihou Academy is to attract a pretty ricj girl in hopes of marrying her to bring his family out of the poor house. However when he gets entangled with the school idol Yuuki, those plans get derailed very, very fast!
Warning: This book is NC17 for sexual acts!
Price: $1 USD

Title: Okane ga Nai!
Mangaka: Tohru Kousaka, Author: Hitoyo Shinozaki
Genre: BL
Summary: After trying to save his cousin from certain death from overdue loans by the yakuza, Yukiya Ayase suddenly became a sex slave! When a very rough-around-the-edges loan shark Kanou buys Ayase and forces himself on him. However, Ayase's troubles are far from over: He must pay every cent of Kanou's 'loan' with his body. However, it seems that Kanou has ulterior motives about the whole situation...
Warning: This book is NC17 for sexual acts that occur rarely!

JY05 Volume 3
JY06 Volume 5
Price: $2 USD each, $3 for the set!

Title: Tokyo Shinjuu
Mangaka: Yuzuha Ougi
Genre: BL
Summary: Beautiful, naive Minato Akina has come to Tokyo to seek his fortune. Losing all his money on the first day does not bode well for our young hero. A chance meeting with down on his luck Chiba Rintarou gives Akina a shot at becoming a young idol! But Akina and Chiba are both carrying scars from the past. (From Baka Updates)
Warning: This book is NC17 for sexual acts!
Price: $3 USD

Title: Lucky Number 13 1
Mangaka: Koutetsuko Yamamoto
Genre: Comedy, BL
Summary: Kazumi Tsumabuki is an extreme baseball otaku who is trying to score a cute girlfriend upon his arrival to university and failing miserably. When he watched Hiroshi 'Hiro' Satou getting dumped in front of an audience, he didn't think much about him first until Hiro gets stuck on the tree next to his balcony. After saving Hiro, Kazumi realizes that Hiro is the one he's looking for and fallen in love and asks him out the next day. However, there is a good reason why Hiro was dumped before. All of his 12 last relationship, his lovers tend to get into inexplicable accidents, getting worse as they go along. But Kazumi is determined to work it all out to stay with Hiro, or die trying!
Price: $6 USD

Title: Beast or Feast
Mangaka: Norikazu Akira
Genre: Action, BL
Summary: When there has been a rash of murders of Zainichi Koreans in the area, and detective Kazuha Hishinuma is desperate to solve the case. However when he reunites with man named Hyoudou, who went from a yankee in their high school days to a full-fledged yakuza boss, has the info that can finally bust the case wide open, he makes an offer that he'll give the info.... if Hishinuma give him his body just once. However, having one taste isn't nearly enough...
Price: $6 USD

Manga Sets:
There are manga/manwha I'm selling in sets. Take note, some are incomplete.

Title: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles 8-20
Mangaka: CLAMP
Genre: Shounen, Fantasy
Summary: When young archeologist Syaoran hurries to met up with his secret crush and longtime friend, Princess Sakura of the Clow Kingdom, who plans to confess her feelings, something in the newest uncovered ruins goes awry, taking Sakura and scatters her feather across dimensions and puts her on the verge of death. It's up to Syaoran and a group of fighters to search and retrieve Sakura's feathers, but at a very heavy price. CLAMP's latest completed series and their most ambitious crossover work to date. This series is in Japanese.
Voulmes 11-20 SOLD
Price: $2 USD each

Title: Hot Gimmick 1-12 + Light Novel (Complete)
Mangaka: Miki Aihara
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: All 16-year old Hatsumi Narita wants is a boyfriend. But when her promiscuous younger sister missed her period and begs her to buy a pregnancy test, Hatsumi caves in. However when she returns to her apartment complex, she bumps into the last person she ever wanted to see, the apartment's supervisor's son, Ryoki Tachibana. To keep mum and not jeopardize her father's career and family's life, she agrees to be Ryoki's slave. However it's just the start of a series of events that spirals Hatsumi's once-normal life completely out of control. This set includes the light novel which is an alternative ending to the series!
(Volume 8 has slight damage from water, 10 has a slight fold on the cover and 11 has a small tear on the cover)
Price: $30 USD for the set!

Title: Busou Renkin 2-8 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Nobuhiro Watsuki
Genre: Action, Shounen
Summary: Kazuki Muto is an (very) enthusiastic guy who sticks up for people. One night he tries to protect a mysterious girl from being attacked.. and dies from it.  In a quick decision, the mysterious girl, Tokiko, brings him back to life by replacing his heart with a piece of technology called the Kakugane. However, it only drags Kazuki into the world of alchemy, trying to destory the threat of Homunculus from threatening life as we know it!
Price: $15 USD for the set!

Title: Here is Greenwood 1-3 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Yukie Nasu
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Summary: Kazuya Hazukawa is probably the most unfortunate person on Earth. First his first love gets married to his insufferable older brother, who used to be respectable when he raised Kazuya after their parents died, making him feel he had to move out to a school with a dorm. However overcoming disaster after disaster, he succumbs to an ulcer on opening ceremony day, missing a month of school. However when he arrives to the Ryokurin Dorm, aka Greenwood, he realizes that his life is going to get a little more complicated!
Price: $5 USD for the set! 

Title: X-Day (Complete)
Mangaka: Setona Mizushiro
Genre: Drama
Summary: A group of misfits meet regularly in a chatroom, finding solace in each other from the oppressive mores of society. Finding out they from the same school, they hatch a plan to blow it up on an off-day. Will they go through this terror plot or will they break down before they even try. From the author of the psychological drama, Afterschool Nightmare, here is her first under-appreciated series that landed Stateside!
Price: $3 USD for the set!

Title: Air Gear 1-4 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Oh! Great
Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen
Summary: When the strongest fighter of Eastside, Ikki 'Babyface' Minami, loses his perch as top dog when a gang using the latest technology called Air -Trecks to usurp the school, the Noyamano sisters introduce him into the world of Air-Trecks to get revenge. However they unknowingly drag him into the culture of Air-Treck and eventually to a goal to lead the best Air-Treck team in the World!
Price: $12 USD for the set!

Title: RG Vega 1-2 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: CLAMP
Genre: Drama, Action
Summary: When the heavens is unlawfully usurped by the God of Thunder, Taishakuten, and fell to despair, a phophecy comes to Yasha-Ou that he will be part of Six Stars that will being Taishakuten down. During his journey to find the Stars, he finds Yasha-Ou, a genderless being who  is the center of this phophecy. But will Yasha-Ou will a help or actually be a hindrance to the prophecy?
Price: $3 USD for the set!

Title: KaneKano 2, 5-7, and 11 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Masami Tsuda
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance
Summary: Yukino Miyazawa is vain, egoistic and will fake like a pro if it means gaining the praise of the person around her. But when she toppled off her throne by seemly perfect all-around nice guy, Souchirou Arima, she vowed revenge. And it couldn't be more of a perfect opportunity to execute it when Arima confesses to her and she turns him down. However, what she didn't know that it would eventually lead to her cover blown wide open. A series that I consider the one of the most influential shoujo series of the late 90s-early 2000s, KareKano is a must-read for any manga fan, shoujo fan or no in one of the best teen romances around!
Price: $10 USD for the set!

Title: Basilisk: Kouga Ninja Scrolls 1-5 (Complete)
Mangaka: Masaki Segawa
Genre: Action, Horror, Historical 
Summary: Gennosuke of the Kouga and Oboro of the Iga clans seem to have the perfect happily ever after in their gasp. With their assuredly happy marriage will finally bury the hundred years of enmity between the Kouga and Iga clans and complete cement the truce of the two clans. However when the Shogun, Ieyasu Tokugawa, orders Hattori Hanzo to break the tenuous
truce, Gennosuke and Oboro's dreams were brutally dashed. Now, with 9 of their compatriots, the two lovers must fight to the death to eliminate all 10 of their opponents to determined which of Ieyasu's son will be the next Shogun and preserve their clan. Will Gennosuke and Oboro find a way to end the madness or will a star-crossed lovers' fate will be waiting for them?
(WARNING: This series is rated NC17 for extreme violence bordering on gore, body horror and sexual situations)
Price: $20 for the set!

Title: Kill Me, Kiss Me 1-5 (Complete)
Mangaka: Lee Young You
Genre: Action, Slice of Life, Comedy, Gender Bender
Summary: When tough girl Tae Im is ecstatic that her favorite idol attends the same school as her cousin, Jung-Woo attends and makes a proposition to use their identical looks to switch places for a week. However when they do, they didn't expect the chaos that ensued!
Price: $10 USD for the set!

Title: Les Bijoux 1-5 (Complete)
Mangaka: Jo Eun-ha
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Drama, Gender Bender
Summary: In a world divided by mine, the nobles called Habits rule the commoners, Spars, with an iron fist. Midst it all, a dwarf and a hunchback gave birth to a cursed child named Lapis, who can change sexes. However when Lapis catches the eye of a local Habit, Lord Diamond, which leads to a massive misunderstanding that leads to the death of his parents. Driven by revenge, Lapis sent forth to a journey to end the Habit's reign.
Price: $10 USD for the set!

Title: Real Bout High School 1-6 (Complete)
Manga/Author: Sora Inoue/Reiji Saiga
Genre: Action, Comedy
Summary: Ryoko Mitsurugi is the idol of Daimon High, which is engulfed by fighting. However when the vagabond Shizuma Kusanagi enrolls into the school and proposes to the principal to install the K-Fight Tournament to end the unorganized chaos of the clubs fighting for territory in the school, Ryoko already chaotic lifestyle is now even more so. Can she grow into the woman she wants to be, hopefully win the affections of her senpai and deal with being challenged by the K-Fight System? If you liked the anime (which is very different), you will love this manga!
$12 USD for the set! (SOLD)

Title: xxxHolic 1-12 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: CLAMP
Genre: Supernatural, Comedy
Summary: 17-year old Kimihiro Watanuki has a hard life, orphaned and living by himself. However, his biggest problem right now are the ghosts who he can see are tormenting more and more each day. However one day, he stumbles across a mysterious shop with an equally mysterious owner, Yuuko Ichihara, and her two assistants Maru and Moro. She explains her trade is granting wishes for a price and she can take his sixth sense in exchange of working with her until the wish is fulfilled. So begins their partnership as Watanuki slowly gets sucked in Yuuko's world.
Price: $42 USD for the set!

Title: Gamerz Heaven 1-2 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Maki Murakami
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Light BL, Hinted GL
Summary: Kaito Suzuki is a video game fanatic rather play video games all day than go to school, but when he receives a mysterious game called Gamerz Heaven and he meets a 'navigator' which he names Nata, he and his friends slowly realized that Gamerz Heaven and reality are much more related than they thought.
Price: $5 USD for the set!

Title: Sugar Sugar Rune 3-4 (Incomplete)
Mangaka: Moyoco Anno
Genre: Fantasy, Magical Girl, Supernatural
Summary: BFFs Chocolat and Vanilla are two witches from the Magical Girl sent to Earth to collect hearts from boys to determine which one is suited to become the next Queen of the Magical World. However, can their friendship survive as the competition heats up and a handsome boy comes between them?
Price: $5 USD for the set!

Title: Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 1-5 (Complete)
Mangaka: Yukimaru Katsura, Writer: Satoru Akahori
Genre: Supernatural, Light Sci-Fi, Slice of Life, GL, Gender Bender
Summary: Hazumu Osaragi is having the crappiest day of his life. After gathering all of his courage to confess to the girl he likes, he gets rejects and tries to find solace in a secret garden of sorts. That is before he is killed by an inerrant alien spaceship. In order to right the wrong he just caused, the alien revives Hazumu. Except somehow, Hazumu unexpectedly tuns into a girl. Now granted with a new life in more ways than one, Hazumu make some adjustments but somehow, the girl she confessed to as a boy is suddenly now more interested in Hazumu, to the dismay of his girl BFF.
$20 USD for the set! (SOLD)

Title: Chobits 1-8 (Complete)
Mangaka: CLAMP
Genre: Light Sci-Fi, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen
Summary: Hideki Motosuwa is a ronin trying to get into university. However, as simple as he is, he wishes that he could in the latest fad of Persocoms, computers that takes on a humanoid shape. One day, he comes across a discarded, cute persocom in the trash. Once he turns on the persocom (after much bluster), the persocom is unexpectedly blank and only can say 'chii', which he names her after. But as time pass, Hideki discovers that Chii might be a legendary persocom called Chobit, who are rumored to have the ability to feel human emotion!
Price: $20 USD for the set!

I can't wait to meet you~!

If you want to PM your e-mail due to privacy concerns, don't hesitate and put PM in the e-mail section of your order form and then PM the e-mail information to me!


SA: Special A 1 (2)
Ouran High School Host Club 7+5 (3)
Tail of the Moon 6+7 (3)
Kurohime 1+2 (2.50)
Junjou Romantica 1 (3)
Gakuen Heaven: King Version (2)
Demon Diary 1-4 (10)

how much would all this cost shipped to Sacramento, CA?

and Fall in Love Like a Comic! 1

Hi i am interested in J-Boy, Kissing, desire, Gakuen heaven, Not so Bad, Skyscrapers of Oz,Tail of the moon and Saiyuki^^

Sup, how are you doing?

Ah, it seems that someone got to the Tail of the Moon first, you have the option to wait if she buys it or not.

But everything is available though!

Before we go any further, please fill this out:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

And I will send an invoice with the grand total~!

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
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(Deleted comment)
Email: strifekun@gmail.com [not paypal email]

What I'm interested in: My Only King
Shinobi Kororo

Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents): 28304

Yeah, nice to see you around here again!

It seems like someone claimed Shinobi at the moment. Do you waiting to see if they will buy it or not?

Can I get Meru Puri set? Shipping to 02740.

Can I also add Okane Ga nai? Thanks!

(Screened comment)

Email: sunashiro9@gmail.com
What I'm interested in: Rust Blaster, Hands Off! (1-5)
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents): 90274

Sup, how are you doing?

I just sent an email with your invoice!

Email: deviceles [at] aol [dot] com
What I'm interested in: Tokyo Babylon 1 and 2
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents): 38655

Sup, how are doing?

I just sent an e-mail with the invoice!

Hi I was wondering if the MeruPuri set + Queens 1, are still available. If so, what's their condition? ^^

Sup, how are you doing!

Ah, MeruPuri is on hold right now, but Queens 1 is available to buy. Do you want to wait or buy Queens only?

Plus the Queens is in fine condition.

hello! i'm interested in these, plzz!!!! ^_^

EM27 Volume 2
EM28 Volume 1
Price: $5 USD each, $8 for the set!

Price: $3 USD

Price: $2 USD


Price: $3 USD foor one book, $10 USD for the set!

my zip is 48306 for shipping

Sup! How are you doing?

Before we can go any further, I need you to fill this out:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

So I can send an invoice for your records!

Hi. I'm interested in:

Title: CLAMP School Detectives 1
Price: $2 USD

Title: MeruPuri
EM14 Volume 3
EM15 Volume 4
Price: $2 USD each, $5 for the set!

Title: Tokyo Babylon
EM25 Volume 1
EM26 Volume 2
Price: $2 USD each, $3 for the set!

Title: Passion
EY13 Volume 1
EY14 Volume 2
Price: $4 USD each, $7 for the set!

I live in Sweden.
So how much would it be total with shipping and everything?

Thanks for your time. ^^

Sup! How are you doing?

Unfortunately the Tokyo Babylon set has been sold and there's two people vying for the Meru Puri set, but the rest is available to buy, do you want to with the rest that are available?

How much is Okane Ga Nai 3,5 shipped to 02740?

Sup, how are you doing? Sorry, I took so long since I have things to do until now.

Shipping is 5.50 (Priority Flat rate plus optional bubblewrap fee)

If you like to get it, please fill this out!:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

And I can send an e-mail with an invoice for your records!

How much would it'd be all together for the Earthian manga if shipped to zip 92106??

Sup, how are you doing.

The whole shebang is $28.33! ($22 for the set, $5.20 in Media Mail shipping plus shipping fees, $1.13 for Paypal fees).

Before we can go any further, please fill this out:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

Because I like to send an invoice to all my customers!

How much it'll cost Earthian set to France?

Hello there!

Unforunately, there is someone who claimed them first. Do you want to wait to see if there's an opporunity to buy them?

would you trade:

EY18 Return to Scandalous Seiryo University (Volume 2)
EY19 Beyond Scandalous Seiryo University (Volume 3)

for anything in my lj?
if not, how much shipped to CA 93648?

Sup, how you're doing?

Unfortunately, I don't accept trades. The total cost is $11.62 ($5 for the books, $5.50 Priority Mail and 62 cents in Paypal Fees).

But before we can go any further, I need you to fill this out:

What I'm interested in:
Zip Code (for US residents)/Country (for International residents):

Because I'm a type of seller who likes sending out invoices to her customers!

Wild Rock $2
Return to Scandalous Seiryo University Vol 2 & 3 $5
Love Quest $?
Thunderbolt Boys: Excite $5
Immoral Darkness Novel $4
Doubt!! 1-4 $6

Hi there interested in:

Just wondering how much is Love Quest?

What condition are each manga in?
Any rips, folded covers, writing, price stickers?

Just wondering how much for shipping for all the items?


Sorry forgot, shipping to 92058, CA?