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Artbooks and Books

Also note that the pics that the actual items!

ARTBOOKS (Click pic for a closer, clearer view):

Title: Okane ga Nai! Official Art Book: Kill Me or Say Love Me
Summary: An artbook filled with art from the super popular BL manga, Okane ga Nai. This book also contains character data, an original short manga and more! A worthy item for any fan of this series! In Japanese.
Price: $25 USD

Title: Fullmetal Alchemist Artbook Vol. 1
Summary: The first Fullmetal Alchemist artbook from the manga, Hiromu Arakawa, herself! In Japanese.
Price: $15 USD $10 USD

Title: SS Magazine Vol. 9
Summary: An quarterly manga-style mangazine with lush illustrations with a few articles how to draw and pages and pages of beautiful art. In Japanese.
Price: $8 USD

Title: Digital Manga Techinques
Summary: Have trouble trying to use CG programs like Photoshop? This book is just for beginners! They explain how to use Photoshop so you can go CG like your favorite artist! In English.
Price: $5 USD

Title: Comickers Vol. 40
Summary: The premier magazine in Japan for manga-styles artists with beautiful illustrated spreads and some articles of the latest anime and manga. In Japanese.
Price: $6 USD

Title: Japanese Comikers
Summary:  An artbook compilation of artist that were featured in Comikers. Some entries even have art tips to emulate their style. In English.
Price: $10 USD

Title: Hoshiyomi: Astrolabe
Summary: An artbook from Kohime Ohse. Filled with gorgeous art and a short manga! (The books has considerable use and was brought second hand. The dust jack cover has sticker residue and smudges, but the inside is in Fine Condition!)
Price: $6 USD

Title: Oxide2x
Summary: A popular artbook by the famous Hyung-Tae Kim, the character designer for games like the Magna Carta series. Cover-to-cover filled with lush, cute and sometimes sexy art! A must have for his fans. (The book dust jacket cover have considerable smudges and wear on it but the book itself is pristine!)
Price: $20 USD

Title: Girlfriend
Summary: An excellent artbook by the popular mangaka of Girlfriend, Bettencourt! If you love his work, this artbook is a must have!
Price: $30 USD

Title: Mangaka in America
Summary: A showcase of upcoming manga-style artists in America (who are also popular on DeviantArt). It's a great book filled with great artwork!
$10 USD (SOLD)

Title: Manga Matrix
Summary: A great book that learns how to make balanced anthropomorphic characters using the Japanese Matrix System! Great for beginners!

Title: Manga: Masters of Art
Summary: A showcase of super popular manga of Japan like CLAMP, Takehito Inoue, Erica Sakurazawa and more!
$10 USD (SOLD)

Title: Rurouni Kenshi Prolifes
Summary:  A comprehensive character guidebook for the super popular Rurouni Kenshin series. Covers up until the end of the Shishio Arc! A must have for the Kenshin fan!
Price: $8 USD


Title: SS Magazine Vol. 24 (Spring 2011)
Summary:  A quarterly magazine from Japan filled with great artwork and how-to-draw from artist from Japan and aboard. In Japanese.
Price: $14 USD

Title: Comikers Art Series
Summary: A special reprint books from the popular art magazine in Japan, Comickers, in English! Full of colorful art, interviews with popular manga-style artists in Japan and helpful tutorials for budding artist!

A17. Comickers Art: Tools and Techinques for Drawing Amazing Manga
Price: $13 USD

A18. Comickers Art 2: Create Amazing Manga Characters
Price: $13 USD


Title: Comic Artist-Asia
Summary: A special book that showcases artists from all over the Asian continent (primarily from East Asia). Full of lush art and interviews with each of the artists in the books. Some give tutorials! In English.
$10 USD (SOLD)


Title: CLAMP North Side
Summary: A collection of CLAMP's art over the years. North Side focuses on Clover, Magic Knight Rayearth, Legends of the Dragon Kings, Legend of Chun Hyang and the many CLAMP Universe crossover pictures over the years! A must have for the CLAMP fan!
Price: $10 USD

Title: S Magazine
Summary: A premier manga style-art magazine in Japan that also covers anime, dolls and photography and it's the big sister magazine to Style School (SS) Magazine! Full of lush art and sometimes wonderful manga, it's a treat for the eyes. Each issue has a theme and comes with a pull out poster from the world famous artist, Range Murata! These books are rated R for nudity and sexual content with some issues. In Japanese.

S Magazine Vol 17: Boys
$15 USD (SOLD)

S Magazine Vol. 18: Beasts
Price: $10 or 15 USD
(PM me about the condition of the price. Has one lolicon-ish picture.)

S Magazine Vol. 28: Candy Land
Price: $16 USD


Title: Takeshi Obata Works: Blanc et Noir
Summary: A rare artbook from the artist of Death Note and Hikaru no Go. Cover to cover of beautiful art. Comes with three double-sided laminated images and the postcard. There are some damages to the book (Pictures of the damages: 1 2 3 4), so I am letting it go for a much cheaper price than the book is valued now.
$50 USD (SOLD)

Title: Ranga Murata's Futurecode
Summary: A supplement to Range Murata's Formcode artbook (the binder version) but has enough gorgeous images to be a standalone artbook with previews of Formcode and images that can't be found in that book! International buyers, take note this thing is not small (almost as big as the Obata artbook) although it's light and thin and shipping might be pricey depending on your country.
Price: $5 USD

Title: Korean Illustration
Summary: An showcase artbook full of lush images from popular illustrators hailing from South Korea. A true feast for the eyes. In Japanese.
Price: $20 USD

Title: Let's Draw: Illustrating with Copic
Summary: An introductory book that teaches how to use Copic markers. Great for beginners!
Price: $8 USD

Title: How to Draw Manga: Mech. Drawing
Summary: Always wandered how to draw mecha and the like. This books go to detail how to draw mecha and other machines that you always wanted to go but never had the ability and know-how to do so!
Price: $13 USD

BOOKS (Click pic for a closer, clearer view):

Title: The 4 Day Diet
Summary: The latest diet book from Dr. Ian of the Celebrity Fit Club fame. Want to lose weight but don't want give up the tasty foods? His book will show you how to with a special 4 day diet you follow for four days a week and drop the pounds!
Price: $10 USD

Title: The Skinny Bitch Pack
Summary: A New York Times Bestseller book. What to lose those pounds the smart way? Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin will show you how! Plus an never been opened CD to help you melt down the pounds!
Price: $15 for the set!

Title: Little Darling
Summary: Kaie is just another demon trying to rise up in the ranks of demon society by working in the human world. Unfortunately, he got one major thing going against him: his body, which looks like a man's but is actually intersexed! Luckily for him it isn't permanent, and Kaie (with every intention of becoming a splendid man(( has waited his entire life for the day when his sex would be decided one way or the other. But his plans hits a roadblock when he unwillingly gains the affections of Daina, the heir of the Celestial throne who happens to suffer from an unusual condition that alters his appearance depending on the time of day. Will Kaie's dreams of becoming a real man fade when the charming angelic heir is so insistent on making Kaie his wife? (Except from the description on the book)  
Price: $4 USD

Title: Scrapped Princess: A Tale of Destiny (Volume 1)
Summary: 15-year old Pacifica Casull is a girl wanted. Predicted from a prophecy that a princess from a set of fraternal royal twins will bring the End Days if she lives to see her sixteenth birthday, Pacifica condemned to die before the disaster come to pass, but she was secretly sent away by the Queen. Protected by her adopted siblings, Shannon and Raquel, the three seek retribution of Shannon and Raquel's father's murder and uncover the truth of the Scrapped Princess prophecy.
Price: $3 USD

Title: The Twelve Kingdoms: Seas of Shadow (Volume 1) (Hardcover Version)
Summary: Highschooler Yoko Nakajima is the perfect daughter and student although her natural red hair makes her stand out. However when the recurring nightmares that haunts her lead through certain events, including meeting a man who pledged his loyalty to her, she just sucked into a far away place and has to learn to adapt or be killed.
Price: $7 USD

I look forward to meet you~!

If you want to PM your e-mail, don't hesitate and write PM in the E-mail Section of your order form and send the e-mail information to me through PM!
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