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That Tsuki Girl's Sale Journal

Your stop for anime-related goods~!

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Welcome to the section that don't fit in with the other section of the shop. Check it out for future update for stuff like Anime DVDs or even jewelry!


DVD1. Fruits Basket Vol. 1
Summary: After the sudden tragic loss of her mother, newly orphaned pure hearted 16 year old Tohru Honda is determined to strike it out on her own to the point she lives in a tent in a small forest after her paternal grandfather's house is under renovations. However, she comes to realize that she tumble upon the home of the most popular guy in her class, Yuki Sohma and his older cousin, Shigure. With the arrival of Yuki's cousin Kyou and other life changing event, she becomes the new maid of the household full of men. However, the Sohma clan have a secret: once hugged by the opposite sex, they turn into animals! And that's not the only secret they have.
Price: $3 USD

DVD2. Boogiepop Phantom Vol. 1
Summary: There is an urban legend among high schoolers about an entity called Boogiepop who is a god of death that come to girls who still beautiful and young. However when there is a string of missing high schoolers growing each day, it seems the legend is real. Or it is really as they say? This anime is a real treat for someone who loves psychological horror because this is one of the best anime dealing with the subject.
Price: $3 USD

DVD3. Gravion Vol. 2
Summary: Eiji Shigure is searching for his older sister, Ayaka, who suddenly disappeared with very little clues left behind. When his search leads him to billionaire Klein Sandman's mansion, Eiji finds himself into a situation that his involvement becomes essential to protect the Earth from malevolent aliens!
Price: $3 USD

DVD4. Escaflowne Vol. 2
Summary: Hitomi was a normal girl, a track team member with a huge crush on her team captain, Amano. When things seem to fall into place for Hitomi, she gets sucked into a battle with a dragon and a mysterious guy, Van, and gets her suck into a strange world with newfound powers. Will she find her way home while stuck in a world rocked by war?
Price: $3 USD

DVD5. Magic Users' Club Complete Set
Summary: One day, a mysterious large object lands and settles in a bay outside of Japan, imprevious to any miltary attack. However, when it become apparent that the UFO isn't causing any harm and hasn't caused any fatalities, the people left it alone to the point people adapted to it and don't think much about 'The Bell' as the UFO is now known as. Meanwhile, eager Sae Sawaguchi is determined to join Kitanohashi High's Magic User's Club with her pragmatic friend, Nanaka, in tow, trying to covince her out of it. And they soon find out that the Magic User's Club President, the preverted Takeo, have a goal with the club, to uncover the sinister plot of The Bell and save the world! The Complete Set comes with all of the OVA and TV episodes!
Price: $25 USD


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Interested in the copics. ^_^ Were they bought new? How old are they?

Sup, how are you doing?

Yes, they were brought new, and they're 2-3 years old but I only used them briefly to test them out once or twice before storing them in cool and dark sealed art box and I have tested them before this posting and they're like new. Is that alright?

Hello! I'm interested in the Copic markers, are they still available?

Sup, how are you doing?

Yup, all are available to buy, so pick to your heart's content!

I'm doing great today, thanks, hope you are as well?(:
Can I get the set for 25 shipped to New York?

Hm, how about $26 shipped and it's a deal?

Sure! Could you send the payment to my Paypal account? I've sent you my e-mail to you via LJ PM. Also, all the markers still work right? Thanks! (:

Okay, just know that if I send an invoice, you have to pay the PP fee, okay?

Oh, and the markers themselves have only been pretty rarely used, like 2-3 times and for testing it out very quickly and one time to test out its consistency so I can put them up for sale. They have been in a cool, dark and dry place since I brought them.

Oh sorry about spamming your inbox, I meant that one of the 2-3 times was testing them out for sale.

It's alright xD And, do you mind if I send the payment through 'personal payments'?

Just send it as personal payments. Just make sure you give me an address in a PM or email when you do!

I guess you can ignore the invoice?

Just paid, let me know once the payment has been cleared (:

Okay, I'll send it out as soon as it clears!

Hi, just commenting back to let you know that I've just received it today! Thanks for the smooth transaction(: Could you lead me to your feedback page (I can't find it. ^_^;;) Here's mine if you want to leave me one back. http://swiftninjalayla.livejournal.com/10239.html Thanks again.(:

I'm glad it arrived safely. I left a comment on your feedback page. Here's mine!:


Oh, wait, never mind my last comment, I'll just go on ahead and pay the invoice you sent me. Sorry, I didn't check my paypal before xD

how much would magic users club be shipped florence, nj 08518?

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